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Transforming Great Technical Minds into Amazing Entrepreneurs

The Transformer Masterclass helps everyone with a technical background to transform their idea into a great business – with 7 exclusive lessons delivered via email.


The journey from being an inventor with a technical background to founding and managing a scaling business is above challenging. The Transformer Email Masterclass can accelerate that journey tremendously – and prevent you from making some very disastrous mistakes.

Marc Vontobel

CTO-turned-CEO and Co-Founder of Starmind (leading AI platform for employees and skills)

You’re a potential Transformer if you have a technical background and want to turn into an outstanding entrepreneur (and leader):


Software Developers



Product Designers

Deep Domain Experts

We believe in
Technical Founders

We firmly believe that technical founders will shape tomorrow’s startup world and society.

We envisage a world in which technical founders will have an idea and look for business people to join them – and not the other way around.

We know that engineers, scientists, and product managers have everything to become great entrepreneurs and business people.

The Transformer Movement is here to accelerate that development.

We’re here to help technical founders to turn into amazing entrepreneurs and build fantastic businesses.

Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page (Google), Eric Yuan (Zoom), Larry Ellison (Oracle), James Dyson (Dyson), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) … let’s add your name to that list of engineers turned into entrepreneurs that changed the world!


The Email

The free Transformer Email Masterclass will deliver you one exclusive lesson per day, for seven days in a row. The curriculum is focused on the biggest pitfalls of technical founders who try to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

Motivation & Mindset

Market Validation






You’ll get tons of hand-picked resources (books, articles, newsletters, online courses) that will fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

The email lessons will come with many beautifully designed illustrations.


We help each
other to grow

Selected email course participants get access to our Transformer Movement Slack Community.

We help each other on our entrepreneurial journeys, share our stories, ask and provide feedback about everything relevant to building a company as a technical founder, and eventually grow together.

Via the Slack community members get access to Iskender – also as a potential Venture Capitalist who could fund your idea :)



Iskender Dirik

Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, Executive

Managing Director & General Manager Samsung NEXT Europe
Venture Partner EQT Ventures

My name is Iskender Dirik. I’m a techie by heart. I’ve studied Data and Information Management (Business Informatics).

But I must admit: Before that I graduated from Business Administration and except some BASIC on my Commodore 64, amateur PHP codes, html/css style accidents and crazy SQL queries (crazy like, really crazy), the world was spared from me as a software developer.

However, as an entrepreneur and investor I was always intrigued by business ideas with a strong tech core.

I also served for six years as CEO of a software development boutique which was responsible for the development of large scaling software systems and big data infrastructures – thanks to my software engineers, I learned how to play buzzword bingo with the likes of Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, and Jenkins pretty well. But more importantly: I worked the whole day with software developers and data scientists – and I really learned to love it.

When I turned into a venture capitalist, I quickly realized that tech-light startups (like the usual e-commerce business or marketplace) don’t excite me. I learned that I’m much more fascinated by techies founding their startups than business school graduates looking for a CTO to develop their business idea.

I deeply believe in engineers turning into entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with many of them as a Venture Capitalist at companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and EQT Ventures (one of the biggest Venture Capital Funds in Europe).

I compiled all my learnings from 20 years in the tech scene and having worked with a plethora of software developers, scientists, engineers, and technical founders and created the Transformer Email Masterclass – to enable more technical minds like you to build scaling companies.

Why Iskender called this whole
thing “Transformer”:

We want to transform ourselves from being an engineer, scientist, developer, or product manager into a successful entrepreneur

We want to transform our tech innovations into thriving businesses

We want to transform and disrupt entire industries

The transformer (electrical device) is one of the most underrated inventions that enables our modern civilization

Transformer” is a deep learning architecture. Okay, that’s rather nerdy. 🤓

Transformers” was one of Iskender’s favorite cartoon series as a kid (Optimus Prime was his favorite character, of course)